Financial Mufti

Muslims are not aware of Islam’s financial requirements. There may be a number of reasons, but most of them are likely not to have an integrated approach to information about these requirements. This financial requirement of Islam is definitely financial obligations and it is permissible to obtain a lawful manner on Muslims under them.¬†There is a need to spend some special expenditure in Allah’s way from this lawful provision, and the specialist from the deposited wealth is to be a master or part. As acquisition of sustenance, to avoid such a provision, and involvement in others in your wealth is actually included in worship. However, the regret is that they could not get the place of worship in the understanding of people.

An attempt has been made through this website to highlight all these things not only as worship. But also through simulatory process, guidance and awareness should also be given to Muslims in an easy way. So that these financial practices should not be strangers in Muslim communities. So from this website you can know that

1- What is Zakat and how can it be calculated correctly?
2- What is inheritance and how to share the shares of Sharia inheritance?
3- How fast is the ritual of fasting, kafara and eid and how should it be calculated?
4- What is the requirement of the Qur’aan and Hajj and what is related to them?
5- How much is the expiation of spending or offering nutrients and how can it be calculated?
You can know this and more only

Trust and Betrayal



Right Seal

Summary of financial issues in Islam with brief and new style (urdu)


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